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Xero Inventory Management For Manufactures

It makes sense to set up Xero's inventory management. The software that will help you manage your products and handle those scary finances is love!

There are of course many advantages to this approach as it allows you to speak directly to customers and increase profit margins. Bookkeeping, inventory management, production planning and not to forget daily business management. You can also look for reliable xero inventory management via an online source.

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For this reason, many companies are turning to Xero's inventory management system to oversee accounting and inventory at the same time. Take control of your inventory. 

Does Xero have inventory management?

The short answer is yes. But the longer answer is more likely yes, although there are limitations for manufacturers. This is because you can technically monitor Xero inventory in two simple ways.

1. Tracked inventory

2. Untracked

You can add items to your tracked inventory simply by checking the "I'm tracking this item" box that you see in the image above. Here's how you can get started with Xero inventory management.

So, untracked inventory is a list of all the products or materials you have, and you can include prices, records, and tax rates. However, it does not track the amount of this item, nor does it update it in your asset account.

On the other hand, tracked inventory has the option to update your inventory count. And of course, this is the first starting point for your inventory management.