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Would You Rent to a Pet Owner?

Investors in rental property are rightly leery of allowing people to keep anything more complicated than a goldfish in their homes. Pets, while being a charming and valuable addition to people's lives, also dig, scratch, and chew.

However, there are many people who want to find a home with their beloved pet and are willing to pay extra for the privilege. So, is there a way you can tap into the pet owner rental market in order to make it a safe bet?

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Many people willingly fork over pet deposits and pet rent just to keep their beloved pet with them. Pet owners may also stay longer since there are fewer options for them in the rental market. Also, landlords who are themselves pet owners and lovers may want to offer more options to people trying to find a home where they can keep their pets.

However, it can be tough. Cat urine is pretty much impossible to get out of a carpet and a banister that has been crushed between canine molars is not going to grace the stairwell with any semblance of elegance.

The more involved an owner is with their pet's care and training, the better. An owner who has letters of reference from vets, trainers and boarding kennels is more likely to be a good bet for a tenant. See if you can meet the pet. Well-mannered, friendly dogs and cats are much less likely to be stressed and damage property.