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Workplace Wellness – A Key to Better Productivity And Quality Output

I used to work nine hours a day sitting in my chair and staring at a computer all day. At the end of the day, I would be left with no energy to do anything else, even to talk with parents and my siblings. Gradually, it becomes monotonous for my life where I was more stressed from my work instead of enjoying my job.

I realized that it is affecting my work too, there was no quality and I was looking for excuses to avoid the targets and give the results. Let me share the facts with you, the day your job becomes a burden for you, that is the indication that you are doing injustice to your work and to your yourself too. Workplace wellness is very important for you to be productive in your job. You can get useful tips about workplace wellness on

I also came across companies that are aware of office wellness and spare no efforts to ensure good health and work satisfaction in their offices. They organize yoga and meditation sessions, playful activities that demand physical as well as mental exercise, outings and open debates to break the monotony and give something new to employees that they look forward to.

A study that includes the interview and opinion of staff working in such companies revealed some amazing facts. The absenteeism reported at such offices was much less than those that avoid the importance of workplace wellness. The employees of these organizations have shown remarkable improvement in their productivity and quality of work which has ultimately resulted in better revenues and profit of the company.