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Winter is coming and that means cooler temperatures, wind chill and in some areas, a snowstorm. Is your pool is equipped to handle the season?

If you plan to cover your pool for winter swimming pool cover is important. Swimming pool covers protect your pool from the elements, preventing unsightly debris from piling up, and provides important protections for children and pets. You can contact Covers in Play to book your swimming pool covers.

The cover is right for you? Let's look at some of the most popular choices.

Standard Winter Cover

A "standard" cover pool typical winter made of materials like tarpaulin and designed to prevent the dead leaves, debris and sunlight during the months you do not use your pool.

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Winter pool blanket affordable, widely available for both in-ground and above ground pools, and they are usually easy to install.

However, this blanket tends to deteriorate quickly and most will need to be replaced within two or three years. They are also not the sturdiest choice.

Although they are designed to stay firmly in place – on the land cover has been held in place by heavy-duty cable; in the land of winter cover is held in place by a specially designed water bag – they will not stand up to heavy loads.

Covering safety

Swimming pool safety cover will cost a bit more than the standard winter swimming pool covers, and a bit more labor-intensive installation. But many pool owners find that extra expense and decent work.

If properly maintained and stored, a security blanket lasts longer than the standard cover, and they were strong enough to keep unsupervised children and small animals from falling in the water.