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Why Tooth Decay Occurs And How To Prevent It With Proper Dental Care

Many individuals often ignore the fact that dental care is a prominent part of health care. Failing to care about your teeth and overall vocal health can cause severe troubles like the ache in teeth/gums and tooth decay.

These problems can be avoided to occur at a young age with proper dental care. To know about children’s dental care in Vaughan you can search the browser.

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Reasons behind the Decay of Teeth

First of all, let's understand how your teeth decay. There can be multiple reasons behind decay, knowing which can help you understand how to prevent decay.

A major cause of tooth decay is bacteria. The bacteria in your teeth require food to survive as great as to multiply. Bacteria use sweet foods and starches such as rice. After consuming the food, bacteria produce acid, which can dissolve your outer layer of the tooth known as tooth enamel.

When it is talked about sugary foods, it not just means the eatables, which directly involve sugar, like cookies, soft drinks, ice creams, cakes, and candy. In addition to this, the carbohydrates also break down into simple sugars. Some examples of such food include pretzels, bananas, potato chips, crackers, and breakfast cereals.

These sugars are turned into acids by bacteria. These acids start dissolving the mineral crystals in the teeth. These attacks by the bacteria lead to tooth decays, which are also recognized as dental cavities.

Types of Decay in Children and Adults

There may be different types of decays in the case of children and adults.

#Decay among Young Children

The young children may get the baby bottle tooth decay or early childhood caries. This type of decay destroys enamel quickly.

#Decay in Older Adults

In the case of older adults, the cavities can be developed by the exposed root of teeth. This is known as the root caries.