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What Is A Paraquat Lawsuit?

Paraquat dichloride has been used as an herbicide in the U.S. since 1961. Paraquat fills the gap left by Monsanto's Roundup, which has seen its use decrease due to health risks.

Paraquat, like Roundup, may pose health risks. It is a very toxic chemical and can be dangerous to people if inhaled or ingested. Only licensed professionals are allowed to apply the herbicide. Know more about paraquat dangers by visiting

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Despite all precautions being taken, evidence is mounting that Paraquat exposure may increase Parkinson's disease risk. Paraquat producers, such as Syngenta in Switzerland, chose to ignore the evidence and continue manufacturing Paraquat for export to the United States despite the fact that their countries have outlawed its use. 

Paraquat exposure may have caused Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's patients are suing Paraquat and requesting compensation. Already, lawsuits have been filed in their favor and more are likely to follow.

Paraquat lawsuits may be available to anyone who has been diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease following exposure to Paraquat. Call a Paraquat lawyer immediately if you believe you are eligible for a free case evaluation.

Paraquat exposure may have caused Parkinson's disease in your family. You could be eligible to receive compensation. We are speaking with Parkinson's patients, occupationally and in the community, as part of our paraquat lawsuit probe.

A lot of attorneys have strong track records of holding powerful corporations responsible for causing harm to the environment or affecting the health of residents. With billions and even billions of dollars in recoverable funds for their clients, they have decades of experience in filing lawsuits against some of the most powerful corporations around the globe.