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Ways to create fine glass art

A creative way to add some sparkle to a room's interior design is decorative art glass. From photography to printed glass, there are many options when considering which variations to choose from in this art style. Use the following as a guide.

Looking for a frosted glass divider that looks the best? Etched glass is a style you will need. This variation was chemically treated to create a surface that appears opaque. This style will scatter light and reduce glare, create a soft lighting effect. You may buy etched dichroic via

The glass may have digital art applied. Printed glass is customizable and can incorporate thousands of colors. Depending on the quality of the ink, discoloration will not occur for several years. The decorative style of glass art has used both indoors and outdoors.

Fade is another variation. To make this type of glass art, the different parts in a variety of colors that melt in the oven. Then they merge. Various colors and finishes can be included in the cast glass pieces. 

Sometimes the glass is painted or repainted. Artistic style glass is made by applying a coat of paint to the surface. The finish is opaque and can be of various colors. Painted glass is ideal for splatters, shower walls, tables, and some other interior applications.