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Try These White Wines over Red Wines

Red wines are known to be best to be had especially during cold weather. A glass of your favorite red wine in one hand and a delicious BBQ food in the other makes it the perfect combination. However, red wines are known to become unsuitable especially during the warmer climate. Therefore, if you still wish to have a glass or 2 of wine, you may want to consider switching over the white wine. These are some of the best white wines you should switch over from the red wine.

  • Chardonnay – If you love light and fresh flavors coming from your favorite red wine such as Pinot Noir, then consider having Chardonnay. The Chardonnay is known to offer citrus and burgundy like flavors.
  • Savennieres – If Italian wines such as the Barcolo or Chianti are your preference of red wines, then Savennieres is another great white wine to switch over to. The grapes are in its ripest stage when are added to make this delicious wine similar to the popular Italian ones.
  • Portuguese Whites – The Portuguese White wines is known to be one of the best due to the grapes used to make. The grapes used to make Portuguese White wine offers an easy drinking and light experience similar to the popular red wine such as the Malbec. Red wine lovers who love the Malbec always have the option to switch over to the Portuguese Whites during the warm climate.

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