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Tips To Present Business Cards

So you’ve got a brand new batch of beautifully printed business cards. You have worked on the design, perfected your branding and feel certain they put around you and your company in a striking and memorable manner. Now it is all about getting them to people so that they can perform their job.

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How you present your business cards to people can declare as much about you as do the cards so it is logical to consider how and when you give them to individuals. Listed below are some simple strategies to ensure that your cards have the best chance of creating the perfect impression.

Keep your cards in a cardholder that’s neat and simple to open.

You want your cards to be as clean and crisp as the day they came from the printers when you flip them over. Also, do make sure the cardholder you use is easy to open; you wish to be able to deliver a card easily with no fumbling around.

Present the card with the front side up and the text facing the person you're giving it to.

For this, people will be able to take in the main message immediately, without needing to flip it on, or worse placing it away unread. Contacts which put cards away without reading them are far less likely to link your card with your conversation after the event, as so are much less likely to follow up.