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Tips for Siting your Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Setting yourself up for a successful medical marijuana business requires more than just smart business sense and knowledge of Michigan marijuana industry. Like many retail stores, and even managed cannabis procurement centers will not survive without a good location.

Based on the experience to help clients find their location to the pharmacy Michigan, here are our top tips for siting your Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensary:

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Have a Good Broker and Lawyers

Although it looks like an easy task, finding good medical marijuana brokers and lawyers are not as easy as it might seem. With each city has its own rules, restrictions, and requirements, it is very important that you find a broker who will work with you to find the perfect location for your medical marijuana dispensary.

Be Ahead Of the Game

While it can be time-intensive lobbying the city for medical marijuana ordinance, our company has helped some businesses marijuana entering their ideal prospective market simply by being proactive with the city government.

Remember You Have Retailers

You may have found some potential sites for your pharmacy that meets local regulations, but it is important that you remember to think like retailers.

Do Not Focus On the Property

If financially feasible, try to pick up some medical marijuana dispensaries sites of the market when you first entered the market. This not only makes business sense if you want to open some pharmacies but also requires the location of the market to competitors.