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Tips For an Outer Space Kid Birthday Party Theme

Space fascinates many children and is also the theme of an extraordinary indoor toddler birthday party. There are many things you can do with rockets, aliens, stars, and planets. Be creative and see how many decorating ideas, games, and foods you can make to continue this fun theme.

Hang the Universe on Your Wall

If you have a party at home, get construction paper and get to work! The best space children's birthday party theme is praised by stars, moon, and planets. Cut these familiar shapes and decorate them with sparkling and colored glue. Try cutting it apart from different colored paper. For example, if you want to make the planet Saturn, the actual body of the planet can be red and the ring can be cut to purple. This same wall decoration can be made two sides and dangling from the ceiling.

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Create Your Own Rocket Ship Centerpieces

Making three-dimensional rocket ships from colored construction paper is easy. Roll a cylinder with a cone on top, add some fins and you're done! This can be placed in the middle of the table.

Your child can add windows and logos using paint, markers or glitter and glue.

Take the theme of this child's birthday party wherever you want by adding your child's favorite elements.