Things To Keep In Mind While Studying The Bible

We read the Bible at a natural pace. When we study the Bible, however, we slow down and think. We ask questions and seek out meaning. We look at the implications.

For example, Ephesians 1: 1-14 can be read in 30 seconds. But, you can also study it for many years. In two hours, you can read the entire Gospel of John. You can't reach the bottom of your search. You can also study the bible through a detailed bible genealogy timeline.

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Try to find the meaning of the Bible when you read it

When we try to understand people, we honor them. When we put words in people's mouths, it is a disservice. Our love for God is expressed by looking at his words and not our interpretations.

The Bible contains two authors for each text: the divine author as well as the human author. The words of the divine author were written to reflect his intent.

Asking the right questions is the key to understanding the Bible

Many of us spend time reading the Bible and looking for answers to our questions. This is why it is important to know how to ask the most effective questions. Here are five examples:

  • What does this word mean?
  • What is the thought flow of an author?
  • How did the author structure and organize this text?
  • What is the purpose of this author in writing it to his audience?
  • What does this text have to do with the gospel and the wider history of the Bible in general?