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Things To Do On Family Santa Monica Beach Vacation

It's summer and for many it means reaching the local beach. If you think that living on the beach is merely swimming, there is something to be learned. There are many other great beach activities.

While the main purpose of a family beach vacation is to have fun on the sand in the sun, sometimes nature sends rain to ruin the plan.

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Museums: While vacations are a time for fun and relaxation, that doesn't prevent you from adding a little educational value at the same time.

Rainy days are perfect to visit. Visiting local historical sites and museums is a way to help children experience history and culture firsthand.

Whether there is a lighthouse and maritime museum or a home from the Revolutionary and Civil War, viewing local historical artifacts and photos is a practical way to learn.

Movies: For a bit of routine fun with unconventional surprises, a rainy day is a great candidate to hit your local cinema.

Even though families are used to watching movies at home, trying somewhere else is a fun, but somewhat unusual experience.

The buildings function the same, but the layout, lighting and discounts are different enough to make the experience unique and memorable.

One of the perks of going to the cinema on a rainy day is that there is always something new that everyone in the family can watch together.