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All About Natural Leather Products

Some leather products that have been around a while have changed formulations. Chemically, you’re actually looking at a completely new leather product. While you might have achieved certain results last year, the results this year could be quite different. 

Some natural leather products that were in use for a long period of time were not used for the same purpose as they are today.

Acrylic copolymers

Technology is constantly developing new leather products like acrylic copolymers. These are a kind of barrier that allows water molecules to pass through but not too thin to allow water vapor to enter. These products are not slippery like silicone sprays, and they do not affect dyes.

Reputable leather merchants will give you tips on how to care for your leather. Many will even give you tips on how to distinguish good leather from poor.


For a long, this natural leather product has been used. It is now combined with modern ingredients, which makes it possible to make better leather products. Beeswax is primarily used to provide waterproofing, but it can also be used to replace natural oils.


Blackball is a mixture of beef tallow and beeswax and soot. It was first used in 18th-century England as a multi-purpose leather treatment. It can be waterproof, condition, blacken, and even waterproof.


To keep dirt and dust off your leather items, a simple brush or wipe down is a good idea. Cleaning should be performed for leather items with stains or heavier leather. This will prevent dirt and other debris, which can cause permanent damage to the leather.