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Reasons to Choose C-TPAT Compliant

Compliant companies’ get the most benefit from C-TPAT certified companies, even though the company complies that it does not require CBP approval. Here are some reasons companies choose compliant C-TPAT rather than certified:

1) Companies that comply with C-TPAT are more attractive partners for C-TPAT certified companies because they use business partners or companies that have C-TPAT certification that fully complies with C-TPAT criteria if possible.

2) If done correctly, companies that comply with C-TPAT must have all security procedures, forms, and checklists owned by C-TPAT certified companies.

3) C-TPAT compliant is cheaper than C-TPAT certification. If you are looking for c tpat training then have a look at

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4) Companies that comply with C-TPAT must follow the same guidelines as C-TPAT certified companies, including periodic business audit partners, annual review of supply chain security risk assessments, etc., but this review is verified by C-TPAT certified business partners.

5) Compliant C-TPAT is a natural stepping stone for companies seeking C-TPAT certification. After the company is fully compliant, the process of becoming C-TPAT certified is much easier. Technically, the company must be fully compliant before applying for C-TPAT Certification.

6) Compliant C-TPAT can help companies to get new customers and retain old customers who might go elsewhere.