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Digital Signature – A Tool To Achieve Secure E-Transactions

The traditional way to send a message or make a transaction, there is no way through which the sender's information or identity can be confirmed. On the other hand, the E-Signatures Re-Defined to authenticate the source of the message. As a key proprietary digital signature attached to a specific user, a valid signature emphasizes on the real identity of the sender.

Most importantly, digital signatures used to maintain data integrity, therefore a message or document cannot be changed after signing. Given the speed and criticality of today's transactions, there is constant pressure to safeguard against fake activities and misuse. And the availability of digital signatures at an affordable price turns out to be important for a variety of applications and verticals.

At present, the level of risk is the same for all businesses, regardless of their size, which makes it important for even small organizations to implement an effective, yet economical, measures for business and transaction protection.

Finally, the general consensus has been reached to reduce paper dependence for processes and transactions, and efforts are on to promote a green environment. The use of digital signatures not only brings commercial advantages, but also makes you responsible for the environment, and society as a whole.