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What To Look For In Qualified DWI Defense Lawyers?

There are many lawyers available online or in any phone book. Look through the ads to get an idea of which DWI defense lawyers are available for you. If you aren't sure what to look for, the ads for these lawyers can be overwhelming and confusing. 

A DWI defense attorney who offers a system to get your retainer fee, plead guilty, and move on to the next case is not what you want.

You should instead seek out a qualified DWI & DUI defense lawyer who can assist you in your case. Ask about their training and certifications. Even though they passed the BAR exam, it doesn't mean that they are an expert in DWI cases. They can get a variety of memberships that demonstrate specialized knowledge in this area.


Members must pass both an oral and written exam to be admitted to the National College for DUI Defense. This includes knowledge in psychology, the criminal procedure relating to DWI, breathalyzer testing, and other DWI defenses. 

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers covers all areas of criminal defense law. These organizations are home to the best DWI defense attorneys.

These credentials can be helpful, but they won't make you a great DWI defense attorney. To become certified, anyone can take classes. Take time to learn from the lawyer during the initial consultation. As they will be working closely with you, make sure that you feel comfortable communicating with them.

Look at the reputation of a DWI defense attorney in courtrooms. To get a better understanding of their operation, it is a good idea to visit the courtroom when they are working on other cases.