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Why Do You Need Clear Face Coverings?

Face coverings are an important public health measure during this pandemic but they can make communication difficult. Clear face masks, or those with clear panels, might be an alternative – but they’re not perfect.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing, people with a learning disability, speech difficulty, are particularly affected by the widespread use of face coverings. For these type of people, clear face coverings are more beneficial. You can also buy clear face coverings from

Clear face masks are a great option to increase the visibility of the face. These masks feature a transparent, see-through panel that allows others to read lips and see facial expressions, while still protecting the wearer and those surrounding them.

Available in various patterns and colors, several brands and stores are now offering clear face masks. Now you can protect yourself and others and see their lovely smile. 

A clear face mask can support communication between those who have hearing difficulties or are deaf, patients/service users with cognitive problems such as dementia, and those with learning disabilities.

Although more expensive than others, this clear face mask is definitely worth it. These masks have comfortable as well as adjustable ear straps. They provide easy breathability and 98% filtration.

Hence, it is recommended to buy clear face masks due to their various benefits.