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Know More About Benefits Of Mixer Taps

Sink taps are the norm in newly built homes, but two separate faucets are still common in many old buildings, especially in bathrooms. 

The tap has two distinct water supplies (one for hot water and the other for cold water) and one spout where water can be combined to offer hot water or rotated to offer cold or hot water as needed. To know more information regarding basin mixers you can visit

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Although the faucet looks very modern, it was invented and patented by Thomas Campbell in 1880 with the hot-cold water equalization function to ensure that running water is not too hot, ideal for preventing boiling.

Most bathrooms and showers already use a thermostatic stir valve so you can adjust the temperature of the water without having to mix it with two taps, although taps make this easier and reduce the chance of burns, which is a win-win situation.

A sink faucet is considered better than an older bar faucet and looks much more stunning and can add to the look of a more minimalist room. They are perfect for use in small spaces because you only need one hole, so you can use a smaller basin and still have enough room to wash. 

More importantly, mixer taps, especially those with a built-in thermostat, are more convenient to use. Just set the temperature you want, turn it on and you have hot or warm water exactly how you want it.