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Artificial Grass Will Never Be Real Grass

 Sure, they are a lot cleaner to walk on and maybe lay down on but you cannot have the same freshly-cut grass smell when you sniff the air with it. It may be dirtied but it is real and authentic goddammit. Although, if we were given a chance to turn our floor in our room into fake grass then we would take the freaking artificial grass in Santa Barbara.

If this kind of thing were to be out in a room, would it have a kind of outside feel to the environment? Maybe from the perspective for the eyes, it could be but if you feel it between your toes then we guess it would not be much.

It feels like it was just green fluffy carpet more than anything and nothing more. But there is really nothing wrong with that either because if it does what it was supposed to do then there should be no issues with it. What is it supposed to even do you ask?

Well, provide some kind of ambiance with a grass-like field of course. What for? Well, there are a lot of reasons but to us, we would like to think that it makes everything more comfortable for the people in the place that has fake grass. Maybe it has some kind of atmospheric detail to it.

It is the same as setting up fairy lights in your own room, which we too have in ours. And if we have to set up some other decorations that would make the place seem more aesthetically pleasing then it would be either fairy trees, you know the kind that is just made up of fairy lights?

Now what kind of room would that be? To have a fairy tree in it that would light up the room more than a regular old light bulb would? Meh. It does not really matter to us because we would get one in a heartbeat if we were rich enough to afford it.

We have been wishing of buying one for ourselves ever since we laid eyes on one back when we were but mere children. It was in a mall and there so many of them being decorated all over the place. It was Christmas at the time but we like to think that we can keep our up and be decorated in our bedroom for over a year if we can.

The only problem that we think really would irritate us is the dust that could accumulate it. The same thing happened to our fairy lights you see. That and cobwebs. And then do not even get us started on the electricity bill. It is like these things just suck up all the freaking electricity just from turning it on in one single sitting.

They are probably just that electricity-consuming. It would make sense at least but it is kind of unfair now that we think about it. The trees are already very expensive n their own but now we have to worry about the bill too? When does the spending actually end?