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Getting to Know Airsoft Mini-Gun: Its Features

Aside from standard guns like assault rifles, machine guns, and snipers, an Airsoft mini-gun is another interesting addition, either to your weaponry for Airsoft battles or to your Airsoft artillery collection.

This gun resembles the barrel-style machine guns used by soldiers in real battles, providing the same effect, feel, and action. You can also buy the best airsoft rifles online at

These airsoft weapons are said to have started from the Asahi guns, which were manufactured by Asahi Firearms Co. during the 90s. These guns were the exact replica of the real M134 and could fire 6mm plastic pellets. It had complex designs and used a small DC battery as a source of power.

The introduction of the Asahi guns has spurred the interest of many manufacturers. Many other types of mini-guns were manufactured soon after; most of which are already using electric motors as sources of power instead of small DC batteries.

Although termed mini-guns, Airsoft mini-guns appearance doesn't say so. These replica weapons are remarkable for their enormous weight and large size that one person can't handle one of these guns alone. Airsoft mini-guns are meant to be mounted on a tripod for easy use and convenience.

These guns may not be excellent in terms of accuracy, but their high rate of fire makes them attractive and preferred by many. This barrel type of machine gun can produce a very high rate of fire of over 3,000 rounds per minute.