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Tea Time – An Old Tradition in Dubai

The effect that tea has on the social and cultural lives of people is immense. Tea is the top beverage at weddings, social gatherings as well as other activities of cultural. 

The idea of "tea time" is portrayed through casual chats or gossip in which friends and acquaintances gather to discuss various subjects during their free time. It's a refreshing break in the busy schedules of the people.

What was the origin of tea time development?

The history of tea goes back to the Victorian time period. The lady-in-waiting of Queen Victoria the Duchess of Bedford is the one who started this custom. 

It was when people in the British began to adopt "Best High tea in Dubai". High tea was tea served on the table of a high dining table around six o'clock time in night. It was a hefty meal since tea was accompanied by cakes, as well as various other meals. 

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Lunch was becoming a smaller meal within an English diet. Her Majesty Duchess Bedford began to feel dizzy because of her the sluggish lunch she had taken around 12. 

Therefore, she decided to follow the European policy of having another tea break during the afternoon, around 4. 

she invited her family and colleagues to join her for the afternoon tea time. During this tea break, the tea was served with bread and butter, as well as other meals that were light. 

The tea breaks became well-liked by her friends and she thought it was to be so satisfying that, when she returned to England she officially extended invitations to her fellow acquaintances to join her for the afternoon tea. 

Then, it slowly became a cult phenomenon, and people from all over the world took it up and the term tea time was born.