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After-School Activities – Finding a Balance

Many parents feel that it is important for children to participate in best after school activities. Of course, sports, gymnastics, music and language classes serve to create knowledgeable children, but excessive scheduling of our children can be a problem.

We as parents may find it difficult to find a balance between life at home, life in school, and activities outside of school. We want children to have fun and be creative outside of school, but we also have to step back and give them space to grow and breathe. How do we decide how much?

In kindergarten, even if your child has entered preschool, he has just entered the "real school" routine. In many districts, kindergartens are becoming increasingly academic and structured, emphasizing reading and writing rather than playing and socializing.

In addition, if kindergarten is a full day, then your little one is ready to release at the end of the day. Keep simple. Maybe swimming classes on Saturday mornings or one day during the week, or art or music classes.

You can even choose not to register your child in any after-school activities at all, choosing instead to let him "loose" in school hours after.

By the time your child reaches first grade, he or she has entered the "swing" school schedule and has matured. The concentration level has increased slightly and he may be less nervous after school is finished.

After all, who likes to sit at a table for six hours? Whatever it is, let your little one have a healthy outlet by visiting a playground or schedule playing with his classmates. Give him this time to play and have fun and spend energy.