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Different Styles Of Acupuncture – What You Need To Know

There are different styles, with different philosophies and ways of practicing acupuncture.  This article explains the main differences, to help you choose what's right for you.

Medical or Traditional?

The main difference is between the modern, Western way of working (called 'medical acupuncture') and the ancient, oriental style (‘traditional acupuncture'.) 2 is so different, that to call them both as 'acupuncture' is quite misleading.  One can get to know about acupuncture & Chinese medicine or active integrative medicine through an online search.

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Medical acupuncture is a recent creation, is based entirely on the principles of Western scientific medicine.

Training courses for practitioners Southwestern eligible (such as doctors, nurses, physios, etc) is very short – usually about 5 days. This therapy is used almost exclusively for relieving pain, although sometimes it can be used for other conditions.

Sometimes physical therapists such as chiropractors or physios use this type of acupuncture in their practice, in this case sometimes called 'dry needling'.

Traditional Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that was developed in China and is now widely practiced throughout Southeast Asia and the world.

It is a holistic treatment, based on a fundamentally different way of seeing health and disease. The training course takes about 3 years. This may be acupuncture 'traditional' do you think of when you think of acupuncture.

It can use a very wide range of physical, mental and emotional.