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Know More About Security Guards

Security guards are usually employed privately and officially and are paid to protect property or people. These security officers often wear uniforms and protect property or people while maintaining high visibility to prevent illegal and unlawful acts.

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They monitor (via patrol or video camera) for signs of crime, fire or interference. In such situations, they will take action and report this incident to their customers and security companies if necessary.

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Types of security services

There are many types of security services offered

  • Personal security often referred to as a personal protection officer or bodyguard, especially the physical security of the people who work for him. He overshadows the activities of his employer and is always looking for signs of danger.
  • Corporate security that protects individuals and property.
  • Private security is managed by private companies, such as private companies or organizations.
  • State security or which serves to protect the country's wealth and the security of all citizens in the region.
  • Static security that is always in one area or post during shifts.
  • Cellular security, which is the opposite of static security when walking, driving or driving a nearby motorized vehicle and checking it for possible security threats.