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Specification Of Spandrel Panels

Spandrel panel is a structural panel used as a separating wall or as an external gable roof panel. Spandrel panels are used to separate the walls and floors in building new houses and bungalows.

The system meets sound and fire gates separating the regulatory requirements of the building. Concrete spandrel panels are easy to install as a part of the wooden frame.

Here is the specification of Spandrel Panels: 

  • Specifications for the spandrel panel, in terms of sound insulation performance is required, do not specifically require the isolation of the spandrel panel. Although, the isolation can be provided if required / deemed appropriate – perhaps in conjunction with other standards.
  • All cavities must be maintained in the roof void. Connecting the leaf wall with the spandrel panel is not allowed. If necessary, and as noted, for more complex layouts with junction wall separating wall, the two panels can be adopted as long as they are constructed with a minimum of 50mm is maintained between the cavity wall panels, or males must be removed from the board (the cavity) faces the gate panel.
  • In connection with the spandrel or gate panel used in the roof cavity on top of the situation room-in-roof. The construction of the wall cavity blockwork separates must extend over 300mm (min) above the flat ceiling of the room area-in-roof – to void a roof over.