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Reasons Why You Need a Conveyancing Legal Expert When Buying or Selling Property

When buying or selling property including land, commercial building, and homes, transfer of ownership is a very essential aspect. Conveyancing entails the legal and administrative framework, which is involved in the transfer of ownership.

There is a large amount of paper work involved in conveyance and this could be complex for people who may not understand the legal terms used in the documents. Interpretation of legal documents is one very important thing, which should not be underrated. You can get more information about legal practitioner at

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The following a top reasons why you should hire a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to undertake the legal aspect of a home selling or buying deal;

Avoid risks of ownership disputes

The process of selling and buying homes requires thorough examination of the status of the property. If a property has been placed as a security for a mortgage, buying such as home could complicate the ownership if the previous owner does not repay the loan. In order to avoid such disputes, a conveyancer is important to in handling the transfer process. When things go disastrously wrong, it means that you have a legal backup to help you out in the dispute.

Buying unregistered property

In many contries, property can either be registered or unregistered. If a property is registered, it means that its title is cataloged in the Land registry. This property is guaranteed by the state. If a property owner registers his or her property, a Land certificate is issued. When buying registered property, the process is straightforward. 

In essence, there are many reasons, why you should seek a solicitor to handle the legal process in transferring ownership of property. Solicitors may charge different fees for the task and it is important that you seek a cheap conveyancing service that does not constraint your finances.