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Possible Side Effects Of Truvada Medication

People suffering from kidney problems or bone fractures may have a legal claim against Gilead to cover past and future hospital bills, loss of income, diminished earning capacity, injury, pain, and suffering. Following are the side effects of Truvada:

Kidney problems – Blood and urine samples were associated with kidney problems. This can lead to kidney failure if left untreated, which is often followed by decreased urine results, feet swelling, ankles and thighs, fatigue, unexplained shortness of breath and extreme drowsiness.

You can also take the help of experienced truvada kidney failure lawyer if you are suffering from any problem against truvada.

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Bone injuries – Thinning and weakened that are more susceptible to fractures and become osteoporotic. One can also speak to an experienced Truvada kidney attorney to get out of this.

Liver damage – When left untreated, liver problems may be fatal. The signs of liver damage may include dark urine, skin or eyes jaundiced, nausea, severe loss of appetite, and pain in the stomach.

Lactic acidosis – Lactic acidosis is a medical emergency caused by a blood overload of lactic acid. Symptoms include excessive muscle pain, short breath, irregular pule, dizziness, vomiting, or extreme tiredness.

–  Can Filing a Truvada Lawsuit Help?

A court judgment or settlement can help those who have been injured for HIV prevention or care after taking Truvada. Litigation is the best technique to hold corporations accountable for their misleading and wrongful actions in the form of individual lawsuits, mass torture, or class action.

Gilead Sciences litigation poses many causes of action including: failure to alert, design error, liability, and express warranties etc.