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Online Art Sales – How to Buy Quality Originals For the Price of Prints

Browsing online art sales in search of original paintings to add to your private collection or to decorate a wall could be a tantalizing and time-consuming experience. 

One compromise to consider is to sacrifice canvas size. Depending on the goals of the collector, this may not be always desirable. Besides, top artists would sell even small pieces for high prices. You can also look for the best premium wall art online.



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Few points to remember before buying online

When considering a painting posted on eBay or any other art sales website, the buyer is guided only by her taste and personal perception of the quality of the art. Art is subjective and if the buyer feels confident, such an approach is completely acceptable.

However, in most cases, a wise buyer would look for some additional support for her decision, some kind of endorsement of the painting quality. 

This may come as credentials or established reputation of the painter, size-able following, and alike. But, as expected, popular accomplished artists rarely sell their art directly through general online auctions. 

A typical good-quality print costs around a hundred dollars or more. To compensate for the cheaper look of the print, a fancy frame – maybe even a custom-made one – is usually purchased. 

It is hard to argue that a print is no match to an original painting even when the original is framed very inexpensively.