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Ocho Rios Tours More Fun than You Think

Jamaica is one of those countries where you can get two completely different opinions from people who have been there. Many will say they love Jamaica and that it is their favorite Ohio Rios destination. Others will say they prefer to be in the seven circles and hell than a return.

Both sides will agree that Ohio Rios excursions have stunning scenery, amazing adventure, and beautiful beaches, regardless of their feelings. What they think about the islanders and their culture is what divides them. 

Jamaicans are driven to make a living and will go to great lengths to get there. They seem to not understand the meaning of “no”. You can say no to any guy trying to sell you a t-shirt. But that doesn’t mean they will stop trying to sell you anything. 

Jamaican cab drivers will ask you if you need to get a taxi when you get out of your taxi. This can be quite crazy, and some people find the island culture intimidating. This place is great for those who love to barter, haggle and enjoy being in the middle of all the action.

You can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a romantic encounter on the Martha Brae. This isn’t river rafting you would associate with rapids. It is a leisurely cruise down a lazy river through Jamaica’s lush foliage. 

Imagine riding a gondola in Venice. Imagine a gondola, a flat bamboo reed-built raft. Instead of an Italian gondolier, a Jamaican guides your raft with a bamboo reed. Only you, your river pilot and a special person can fit in this space. Get comfortable and snuggle in. Take in the beautiful scenery while listening to your guide describe the flora or fauna that you encounter along the way. It will be like you’re the only one on the island. This is a popular honeymoon adventure for newlyweds.