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Newly Added Poe 3.10 Delirium Items, Ways To Obtain And Use Skills

From the announcement posted by grinding gear games, not only introduces a whole gameplay Path of Exile 3:10 in detail but also provides a series of new POE items to learn about. You can also  buy path of exile delirium HC online.

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Mirror Delirium


3:10 POE focus is the mirror of delirium, creating fog and spawning enemies harder when touched to send the exiles to the worst nightmare. The deeper you venture into the fog the stronger the enemy gets.

Unlike many of the expansions of this exile, delirium adds part of the game content beyond reality. Stepping through the mirror, you will be sent into a parallel dimension, foggy, and with dangers everywhere. Under the influence of delirium, some evil monster acquires new capabilities, which greatly increases the difficulty to defeat the boss. 

Orbs Of Delirium

A new Orb POE created for expansion delirium to be applied to map the endgame and control the intensity of delirium. Under the influence of the ball delirium, it can plunge into delirium for the entire duration of the map, it may act as adding unique items for the map as a single incubator.

Delirium 3:10 of the short trailer, we can glance at what looks like a ball, but it is uncertain whether it will be in different versions or types, except that up to five balls can be placed on the same map.