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Medical Bills Assistance: Saving Money on Maintenance Drugs

Prescription drugs can be as debilitating as the burden of hospitalization. Even if you have received medical bill assistance and managed to keep your costs down while you are in hospital, the debt cannot be avoided especially if you are prescribed branded drugs that are too expensive for your budget. You can click for more info about bulk billing doctors.

It's no secret that some doctors receive incentives from pharmaceutical companies to recommend their products, you can avoid this by informing your doctor in advance that you are on a budget and if possible you prescribe generic drugs instead of branded ones. 

Do not believe for a second that expensive medicines sold by multinational pharmaceutical companies are more effective than generic ones. Consumer Reports National Research Center swear by the effectiveness and safety of generic drugs compared to drug-name brands.

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Medical practitioners are also given samples by drug companies as part of their facilities and also to allow them to assess whether the product really works. Perhaps you can ask for some samples, especially if you have a relationship with your doctor. 

If there are no co-branded generic drugs he prescribed, ask for an alternative over-the-counter. Remember that any help you get a medical bill will account for nothing if you do not get your maintenance costs in check.

If your doctor is very accommodating to your requests, you can only take her recipe, take it to the nearest pharmacy and ask for their generic counterparts. A pharmacist should be able to help in this regard and that can generate hundreds of dollars in savings on your part. 

Unlike the cost of hospitalization in which you can receive medical bill assistance from many sources (eg charitable programs, federal grants, financial assistance from hospitals, and religious organizations), with the drugs you are basically on your own.