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Major Steps Involved In Exterior Painting In Vancouver

House painting is a tough task. By hiring professionals not only give you the good finish but also provide you long-lasting effect. 

There are many painting companies such as Budget & Save Painters which uses the highest quality of exterior paints and other painting products to get the best possible results. 

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There are several major steps followed by the painting contractor:

  • Remove Mold, Mildew and Dirt:

The exterior of any house faces severity of the weather and in turn accumulate a lot of dirt on it. Dirt should be removed. Similarly, humid weather results in mould and mildew need of being cleaned. Therefore, the first step involves the elimination of mould, mildew and grime from the exterior surface.

  • Pressure Washing:

To completely remove the remains of the earlier painting, the exterior of the property is scrubbed and then pressure washing technique is used. The water coming out at high pressure cleanses the wall completely and also hydrates it. After pressure washing, the exterior is left for some time to dry.

  • Caulking:

This is a process that is applied to seal joints and other damage to the outside of the building. This ensures that water does not seep in through damaged or open joints. Caulking is required because of water seepage adversely affect the quality of the exterior painting.

  • Paint and stain applications:

This step requires the colour consultation and once you have decided to use a specific colour or shade of colour for exterior painting. Painting contractor would go ahead with your choice and will apply the selected paint. Stains are also applied on exteriors surface where paints are not suitable.

The actual task of painting the exterior involves the aforesaid steps. You should ensure that the steps mentioned above should be followed while you are getting the exterior of your property painted through a painting contractor.