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Journey Through The Ancient History And Culture Of Israel

Israel cannot be separated from religion; while most of the residents are Jews, a small Middle Eastern country is very important outstanding for the three major world religions.

Jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and the history and culture etched into every rock and in every aspect of the landscape. With an online search, you can find best month to visit Israel

While traveling to Israel can withstand some risk, it can also hold the potential for an experience that can never be replicated. There is only one Israel.

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20,000 square kilometers of the country is small but has a favorable geographical position. It is at the core of three continents and two oceans. In the 20,000 square kilometers are the ranks of the terrain, culture, and attractions.

The center is Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. While the state Israel is only about six decades, this city is one of the oldest in the world and is central to the religion of the Abrahamic religions.

Jerusalem, bringing history to life, but it combines with air thoroughly contemporary cultural life, unmatched.

Tel Aviv is Israel's another must on your itinerary. Such as Jerusalem, it is a city steeped in history, but also managed to live in the forefront of the 21st century.

Wide famous Dead Sea mineral series, and has become the main place for rest and relaxation, healing, and rejuvenating.

Dead Sea area also offers nature reserves, national parks, museums, visitor centers, a number of festivals throughout the year, and many more.