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Interesting Facts about Flute


Many enthusiasts and professionals are known to play flute for a lot of good reasons. Some play to cover a song played by a professional artist while others are known to play the flute at orchestras. The flute isn’t just an instrument that is played, it is known to bring income for passionate people who love and respect this instrument. If you’re wondering the specialty of this tiny-little instrument, then these interesting facts may convince you.

  1. A person playing the flute has several names provided to them. For instance; a flute player, flautist, fluter are some of the names.
  2. The flute has its own family consisting of different sizes. The family names of the flute include; alto, tenor, contrabass flute, piccolo and bass.
  3. In technical terms, a flute is basically an open tube capable of producing a sound when blown into.
  4. The flute is considered to be one of the first invented instrument which has been into existence for more than thousands of years.
  5. A standard flute uses the C key when pitched consisting of 3 octaves for the range.
  6. The flute is known to be made out of many types of materials such as bone, glass, wood, plastic, ivory, resin, nickel silver, gold and platinum.
  7. James Madison, George Washington and Leonardo Da Vinci are some of the most popular and powerful people on earth known to have played this instrument.
  8. Another interesting fact about flute is that the word flute is a Latin word called ‘Flatus’. Flatus means to ‘Blow’.

These are some of the most fascinating facts about the flute that allows musicians to create their own popular flute music.