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How to Taste Wine?


First and foremost, it takes years of experience when it comes to tasting wines. However, in today’s time, nothing is too hard, as there are ways where an amateur can also give a try when it comes to wine tasting. Consider understanding these tips that will definitely help you in tasting wine.

  1. First, take a Moment to Glare – The first thing you should do is to see the color and clarity of the wine when it is poured in a glass. Then, moving slightly away from the glass to see if the color of the wine has ruby, maroon, brownish or purple appearance in case if it is a red wine. When it comes to white wine, look whether the color has light-green, brown or pale-yellow appearance.
  2. Second, Smell it – Those who have a strong sense of nose will be able to differentiate the smell of the wine. After the wine is poured, check the smell within the first 10 to 20 seconds. After that, you need to swirl the glass to let the alcohol vaporize. This helps to release the natural aromas that will give you intense aromas such as flowers, berry, citrus or vanilla coming from the wine.
  3. Third, Taste it – You can only get the sense of taste when the wine is consumed. This gives you information of the wine on things such as tannin level, acidity level, alcohol content and residual sugar. This helps you to understand the fruity flavors of the wine.

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