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How To Pair Your Wireless Earbuds With Each Other?

Wireless earbuds are rocking the global market because of their incredible sound quality, sleek looks, and ability to work in all weather conditions. Wireless earbuds are very convenient to carry, but there is the only thing where most users would experience issues, i.e., pairing the left earbud with the right earbud. If you have bought wireless earbuds after reading reviews of best wireless earbuds by consumer reports, then you must be excited to pair them with your smartphone to listen to your favorite music. But, if you are seeing two different names on the list of available devices for pairing, then you won’t be able to listen from both earbuds at the same time. You will have to pair the left earbud with the right one before pairing them with the smartphone. To pair the left earbud with the right earbud, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on both earbuds at the same time.
  2. Both earbuds must be flashing, and if they are, then double press the button on one earbud, be it left or right, but just one earbud.
  3. As you do so, the light on both earbuds will flash and then, the light on the other earbud (that you didn’t press the button on) will turn off.
  4. Or, you will hear ‘Earbuds connected’ voice in both earbuds, which confirms that both earbuds are connected.
  5. Now that your earbuds are connected, you can turn on the Bluetooth on your device and connect to the earbuds.