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How Much Does Wedding Lighting Cost?

There are only a hand-full of reputable wedding lighting companies in most states. It is important to know what really makes the difference in price. Not every company is the same, so read our tips below to find out the most common cost drivers for price.

In order to transform your room with lighting, your vendor has to know what you want to accomplish. There are different fixtures that are used to accomplish different results. If you are considering uplighting, expect to pay around $40 per fixture. You can also go for wedding uplighting rental to create a beautiful lighting effect without any Hassel.

Because the installation is very labor intensive, lighting designers usually have minimum requirements for lighting rental. They should also be able to show you photos/videos of examples of what your package should be.

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If you are looking to cover walls with pipes and curtains, expect to pay around $ 10 per foot. This fee also decomposes based on the desired height. What makes your centerpieces look bigger than life? Having equipment directed to your table leaves a big impression at a reasonable price.

You can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $ 10 per table to make your room lit. Custom image projections vary in price depending on whether you want a generic or special design. Because there are other factors involved (eg glass breakers), it is best to contact the lighting company to request a quote on a special image projection. Usually between $ 75 and $ 275 per pattern.

This forms deals in two ways and the first cost is the time of rental lighting. Many lighting designers charge technicians to operate lighting during your rental. This is usually an average of around $ 40 per hour. Especially because lighting designs are controlled by computers, they will be able to change colors as your night progresses. The second cost associated with time depends on the amount needed for the arrangement.