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Hostel along with their Unwritten Rules


There’s no doubt that the hostel offer plenty of fun activities and entertainment for many travelers. You are bound to enjoy party nights or even hang around with fellow travelers at communal rooms. However, there are basic rules that are never mentioned to travelers but are supposed to follow them. Let’s focus on some of the unwritten rules every traveler should know.

  1. Wash your own Dishes – Hostels allow travelers to use their kitchen in order to cook a meal. It is somehow important to wash the utensil after using them. Make sure you wash yours because there are other travelers who may want to use the utensil.
  2. No Partying Inside the Room – If you’re in the mood to party, then consider heading over to the bars. Avoid having one inside the room because, it only makes it messy. Therefore, bars in hostel exist for a reason.
  3. Pack Your Stuff Early –If you happen to check out early morning, then pack your bags a day before. This is to avoid disturbing other’s sleep. Moreover, it is recommended to take a shower a night before.
  4. After 8AM, Hostels are going to be Noisy –Once the clock hits 8Am, it is considered normal for a hostel to become noisy. This is the time where many travelers will be checking out while some will be checking-in. Just get used to the noise and avoid getting angry.
  5. Snore – If you are someone who snores while sleeping, just let your roommates know in advance.

These are some of the unwritten rules while staying in Phuket hostel.