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Gas Masks For Police and Military Use

Gas masks have been designed to prevent the inhalation of airborne toxic substances since their conception. Although gas mask design has evolved over the years, the concept of using an enclosed, sealed mask with an air filter to keep out harmful airborne substances from inhaling remains unchanged.

This protection is essential for military personnel and police who often have to go into hazardous areas with toxic gases or high levels of smoke. A military grade gas mask not only protects the respiratory system but also provide visibility for those who are required to work in these types of environments.

Companies offer a wide range of gas masks based on the US Military's M40 and M15 gas masks. The MSA Millennium Gas Mask offers a full visor and can support air filters on either side of the mask. The M15 gas mask is designed to be compliant with the US Military and NATO and features a twin filtration system to provide extended protection for the wearer.


Many companies offer one of the largest selections of gas mask accessories. Gas masks are difficult to maintain and require additional storage. There are many options available that will help you keep your gas mask performing at its best. You will find replacement air filter canisters and vision improvement options as well as storage options.


A clean filter is essential for protecting wearers against airborne toxins, pollutants, and other hazardous particulates. Gas masks enable wearers to easily remove and replace used filters with new canisters. This allows continuous use of the gas mask until the airborne danger has been eliminated or neutralized.