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Drying Drywall after Water Damage

There are several steps you can take to dry the wall after water damage. Make sure you follow each step correctly because it can ultimately save you from a bigger headache.

First, you need to note where the problem is. Search all areas affected by water damage. Some things to look for are changes in color or soft area. You can also check out various online sources to find out about the best drywall companies Toronto wide.

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Make sure you see the ceiling and walls because water can drip from the pipes above and damage the ceiling too. If you are not sure where the affected area makes sure you contact the drywall contractor because they can indicate what areas need to be repaired.

You will need two important items for the next step, a dehumidifier, and a powerful fan. You need to cut the damaged drywall and make air move through an open area. A very intense fan will help this process.

If you don't have a fan, you can find it at your local hardware store or rent it from several different companies. You also need a dehumidifier to extract moisture from the wall. Make sure you oversee this process because many problems can occur if not.

If the area is not drained properly, mold can form, and basically turn into a very expensive project. If it's still wet after twelve hours, you might need to cut more drywall so that more air can get in.