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Does Rustproofing Your Car A Good Idea?

Rustproofing your vehicle and applying an undercoat can help prevent corrosion. This is particularly important for the undercarriage of your car that comes in contact with substances like water, chemical compounds like salt, as well as other dirt and debris that are thrown off the road.

Without any kind of protection, the underside of your vehicle may get rusty and corroded, leading to the failure of parts. Before you consider rustproofing or rubberized underfur your undercarriage, you have to think about a few things.

The advantages of rustproofing/undercoating your vehicle

The ideal moment to apply undercoating protection is when purchasing a brand-new vehicle that hasn’t been driven in yet. Simply, you should solicit the dealership for the application of protection before you leave the lot. For older vehicles, Rustproofing is likely to be an unnecessary expense since all you’re doing is covering dirt and grime already present in the car.

Apply for protection when you go to your dealership. Many dealers offer rustproofing, (also known as undercoating) as an option when purchasing new cars.

This is the ideal time to get an undercoat applied since the underbody of your vehicle is most likely the cleanest it’s ever been.

If you are only planning on keeping the car for a couple of years it is worth considering avoiding the expense of having an undercoating put on.

Applying an undercoat on an old vehicle. Another alternative to applying an undercoating at the dealer is having it applied at a later date.

This is most often the case with used vehicles. Although the exterior of the vehicle may have been exposed to dirt, water, and other debris off the road Applying an undercoat now can shield it from future exposure.