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DIY Island Hopping in Cebu

Island Hopping in Cebu DIY 

If you want to enjoy and experience Cebu Island Hopping and you want to do it yourself, you can follow this guide.  If you are staying in Cebu City area, ride a jeepney, vhire or taxi to go to Lapu-Lapu City and head over to Maribago Beach. 

Getting a boat to hire for an island-hopping adventure in Mactan is easy. One great starting point is at Maribago Beach. 

The rate for the activity varies depending on the number of people and the size of the boat.  

A small boat that can accommodate up to 10 persons can be rented for about PHP 2,500. 

A bigger boat that can accommodate up to 20 persons can be rented for about PHP 3,500. 


The boat rental is already good for the entire day. Other expenses like snorkeling gear; guide fee, island fees, meals and other similar expenses are not included from the boat rental. 


Cebu Island Hopping TIPS: 

  1. Set off the Island Hopping as early as you can make the most of the whole Cebu Island-Hopping tour. 
  2. Bring a snorkeling gear to truly enjoy the island. You can as well rent if you don’t have one. 
  3. Always practice Leave No Trace Policy (LNT). Take good care of our mother nature. Just enjoy and be responsible enough. 
  4. Make certain to bring your swimming attire and sunblock to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun. 
  5. Don’t tread on the corals if you swim in the deep blue ocean, for they are really sensitive. 
  6. Make sure to bring your camera or GoPro. Surely, you will fall in love while taking the beautiful scenery beneath the ocean. 


Where to eat? 

There’s a lot of floating restaurants in Caw-oy, Olango Island. Olango Island is not merely known for having rich in marine life, but also for having an array of fresh seafood. In Caw-Oy, you can find several floating restaurants that serve the best and sumptuous seafood — a bit expensive, but definitely worth it! 


Make sure you are fully prepared for this one-of-a-kind island-hopping adventure in the Queen City of the South. This sure will leave a mark on your heart that will forever be carved that will surely put a smile on your face when you remember the moments you had on this island hopping adventure.