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Different Laser Eye Surgery Procedures

Whenever laser eye surgery or laser vision correction is mentioned, “LASIK” is often the next thought. Nowadays, laser vision correction processes are so technologically advanced that there are several alternatives aside from the traditional LASIK surgery. You can get more information about eye surgery via

Different Laser Eye Surgery Procedures

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Know Your Options

For the person looking to lower their dependence on eyeglasses or contacts, surgical processes that enhance the focusing ability of the eye, are an effective choice.

This process is commonly known as LASIK it is the most technologically advanced approach to correct eyesight and has assisted countless individuals globally reduce their dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses.


In conventional LASIK, an extraordinarily thin flap is made in the upper layer of the retina and gently folded back. The underlying layer is subsequently re-shaped using all the laser in a matter of seconds, adjusting the refractive errors that lead to the eyesight impairment.

The flap is then repositioned throughout the retina, which obviously adheres and starts to cure within seconds.

Advanced Surface Ablation

PRK and Epi-LASIK would be the two most frequent kinds of ASA and consult with the ways of preparing the corneal surface only before utilizing the laser.

ASA is the most powerful type of laser vision correction. It permits a broader selection of patients to be treated that might not have the capacity to undergo a conventional LASIK process due to thin corneas, occupation limitations, or other visual troubles.

Blended Vision

Blended Vision is a LASIK technique you may wish to think about should you are reading glasses or are nearing the age when studying glasses might become necessary.

As we age, we often have difficulty reading, especially small or very nice print. This can be a natural part of the aging procedure connected with the lens within the eye.

While this occurs, most individuals need reading glasses. Should you use glasses to read before LASIK surgery or you remove your glasses to see, you might want to use glasses for reading following LASIK, since LASIK doesn’t take care of the lens within the eye.

Custom Cornea

Wavefront technology is presently being integrated to spot subtle visual distortions, which up to now have been not able to be quantified, let alone be medicated.

Wavefront remedies like CustomCornea® supply the ideal chance for superior vision in comparison to that previously accessible through the elderly, traditional procedures of LASIK.