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Defining The Independent Contractor

Independent contractors perform compensated work for businesses and people, but they aren't regarded as workers. The independent contractor relationship is generally generated and based on an oral or written arrangement between the company and the builder. 

Independent contractors have more freedom over their work and also the capability to deal with a range of companies, but they don't get a number of the legal protections that workers do. 

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There's not any single principle or test for determining whether individuals are employees or independent contractors. The decision is made by reviewing the scenario as a whole, including such variables as:

-The permanency of the Company connection;

-The amount of the worker's investment in equipment or materials;

-The character and level of control by each party;

-The employee's opportunities for profit and loss;

-The degree of independent business organization or performance;

-The total quantity of initiative, creativity, and foresight needed for the employee to be successful against other people in open market competition.

If you are employed as an independent contractor but meeting the legal standards of"job," you could be getting cheated out of overtime, holiday, employees' compensation, along with other invaluable protections.

In case you have any questions, consider talking with an independent contractor lawyer. Get started with a legal evaluation of your situation by an employment law attorney.