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Clear Aligners – The Trendy Substitute to Braces

Over the years, dental care has grown rapidly, with major improvements made in technology. One such treatment is the use of a clear aligner system. Increasing in popularity, especially with adult patients, clear aligners fix common misalignment problems, without the need to eye-catching 'train track' braces. They are also completely removable, making them very practical for oral hygiene – and your social life.

Clear aligners and their purpose

Clear aligners work in stages with each designed to move your teeth in small increments until they are in the desired position. Made of sturdy medical grade plastic, these aligners use moderate force and carefully measured to control the movement of the teeth.

A treatment plan consists of a series of aligners that are changed every two to four weeks until your teeth are in the desired position. Clear braces are custom-made to fit over your teeth and give an accurate fit as a result. Treatment can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months, depending largely on individual needs, and how tight you still wear your aligners.

The difference between the braces and clear aligners


While the clear aligners are virtually invisible, braces still come with metal brackets and wires that are difficult to ignore. Made of plastic, clear aligners are more comfortable and less obstructive to speech.


Clear straighteners are removable and therefore does not offer food consumption restrictions. This still allows you to eat all your favorite food. Braces are fixed that limit the consumption of sticky, chewy, hard or stringy foods that may be stuck in the brackets or destroy them.