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Choose Waffle Pod Slabs For Building Your Dream Home

If you're not a builder, you probably haven't heard of waffle boards until you start thinking about building your dream home. What exactly is a waffle plate? Wafer slab is a reinforced concrete base and slab system, usually about 80 mm thick, that is attached directly to the floor. 

The waffle pod concrete sheet consists of an edge (perimeter) and an inner beam with selective spacing that moves in both directions. Polystyrene is used between the beams to create cavities into which the concrete is poured. This process, viewed from below, creates a "waffle" aesthetic, true to its name.

While waffle irons are faster, easier to make, and less expensive, there are a few things to consider before choosing this type of waffle:

Site condition

If the soil under your slab is soft, this can cause serious problems for your home – especially if the soil is prone to movement or erosion. This movement can put pressure under the plate where it no longer touches the ground and also become a haven for unwanted reptiles and wildlife seeking refuge.


Simply put, the waffle plate is built into the floor so that it simply slips under its own weight.

Typhoon / strong wind zone

The wafer plate must withstand the force, but not without the possibility of deviation. Due to the nature of the panel construction, the panels can be lifted and moved, which can cause cracks in the beam walls.