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Business Ideas For Creative People

Part of being an entrepreneur is being creative, but some may strive to make creativity their focal point. Are you interested in entering a market space that celebrates design, innovation, and expression?

From performing arts to writing to crafting, we have an excellent list of business ideas for creative entrepreneurs to help you get started on your journey! You can also get more information about creative small business ideas via

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     1. Candle Making Business

Although considered to be commodity items, candles can become their own art form with the right creative touch. Potential entrepreneurs should experiment with scents, colors, and molds to create something with a unique appeal and worthy of premium pricing.

Profit margins of 50% or higher are very possible. The cost of materials is not particularly high, but make sure you can fully invest the time required to make your business profitable. 

     2. Craft Store

Creative entrepreneurs that are interested in supplying for multiple art forms might consider starting their own craft store. Craft stores typically make money by buying craft supplies in bulk at wholesale prices and reselling them at a profit. 

Another, less common way this type of business makes money is by designing and creating original arts and crafts products. Some stores also offer classes in sewing or quilting.

The profits from craft store businesses vary widely, depending on the cost of materials and pricing. Large chains can make upwards of a billion dollars in profits yearly, and while your store will make significantly less than this, it does indicate that there is a very profitable market for craft supplies.