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Beat the Heat with Energy Saving Tips for Staying Cool

Eat Snacks More Often

When you eat, your body uses energy for the metabolism of food, increase your body temperature. Eat smaller meals more often reduce how much your body needs to metabolize and keep you cooler. Avoid proteins because they require more energy to metabolize. You can discover more details about Stay Cool tips via visiting Awakened Mind.

Beat the Heat with Energy Saving Tips for Staying Cool

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Run your wrists Based Cold Tap

By running your wrists under the cold tap, you can directly cool the large blood vessel that runs close to your skin there. This cools the blood, which will be circulated back into your heart and reduce your overall body temperature.

Take a Warm Shower – Avoid Cold Shower

Cold showers sound great when it's hot outside, but a warm bath, just below body temperature, it is actually more effective cooling you. When you take a cold shower, your body increases its body temperature to compensate, making you hotter when you exit.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol dehydrates the body, and caffeinated beverages increase the body's metabolic heat. Not good for you on a hot day.

Sleeping in Feather or Down Pillows – Avoid Synthetics

Synthetic pillows actually trap heat, so sleep in a feather or down pillow with pillowcase cotton to stay cool.

Snow Pictures Sleep When You're Falling

Research has shown that imagining the snow when you fall asleep actually lowers body temperature. Practice your daydreaming to stay cooler.