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Barista Tips About Espresso Coffee

Coffee is made quickly through the preparation of espresso coffee. You forcing very hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee. This method extracts the coffee aroma, flavour and body in a way that requires a special blend of coffee and roast level, the so-called espresso roast. 

You can combine the Espresso varieties to add your own personal sensory experience. Take regular Espresso is about 3 oz. serve in small cups with a thin traditional red-brown froth on top. With or without sugar, according to your taste, it feels great. You can choose the best coffee barista in Singapore for getting better coffee service experience.

However, if someone wants to make it less strong, simply add a little hot water and you go from the Espresso Café Americano. Then, if you want less Espresso colored and smooth to start, try then what we call Ristretto. For serious Espresso drinkers who are not satisfied with a cup 3oz, Lungo is the right choice. This is a very big Espresso, about 6 to 8 ounce serving.


How Caffe Latte Macchiato and Macchiato, ask protector? Latte is what makes the difference, said the barista. Espresso Macchiato includes about 1.5 ounces of hot milk, usually milk but the espresso coffee remains the dominant flavor. 

Then barista said: what about Cappuccino? Protective smiled and said, Cappuccino drinks lovely breakfast usually associated with Vienna as possible because it is an elegant serving. Yes, add barista. Cappuccino is prepared as Espresso with steamed milk. The mixture has one-third espresso to milk and milk froth third party.

Cappuccino is an art to serve and it was very enjoyable to create forms on the cup like this is prepared fresh just for you. With it, the barista handed a freshly brewed cup protector of Cappuccino with a smile sketched out above the froth. Protective laughed, thanked the barista and concluded: Espresso is a wonderful drink and Cappuccino it really has original artwork in my own mug!